About Us
Cypro Broadband is today India’s fastest Communication services provider, and the preferred choice for broadband service in India. Incorporated in April 2001, Cypro Broadband was earlier a division of Cyber Professionals group. With the launch of commercial services in September 2001, Cypro Broadband became the first private ISP to commission Fibre Optic Network across Bangalore.

Cypro Broadband offers an array of Voice & Data solutions for Enterprise customers. These range from Internet leased lines, Data­Centre co­location and hosting services, Managed Video conferencing services, hosted mailing solutions, Managed VoIP solutions, System Integration services, etc. Cypro Broadband clientele comprises a mix of top Indian and foreign MNCs, large- medium­small enterprises and individuals.

Cypro Broadband is not just any internet service provider. Cypro Broadband has positioned itself as the IT connectivity consultant to its clients – and believes in providing turnkey solutions to growing corporate – catering to their evolving needs as the company grows, invents and re­invents its IT strategy – with the ability to host and manage their entire IT requirements.

Our Team

Many of Cypro employees are youngsters who share an abundance of energy at the work place as they feel so very much with the homely office atmosphere. For most who have grown in stature and career wise whom we have fostered over the years would vouch that Cypro is a stepping stone and a place to secure loads of knowledge while working here.

Our success has leapt to great heights because of the team effort exercised by every staff, Freedom to work and ideas shared by the staff are always taken in the right spirit to elevate our services to attain satisfied clients. Staff are always welcome to share their thoughts on how to improve business and to start new ventures and this is not only welcome but well rewarded by the management.

At Cypro career growth has no limitations and if one chooses to remain with us will be the one to gain while working on a long term basis. Loyalty is most aggressively considered by Cypro when one serves the organization from their heart and will see them climb in leaps and bounds. Our rewarding procedures vary from person to person, but we identify them without their knowledge and he/she will receive intense financial support for the hard work rendered.

We, as Cypro strongly believe that our employees are the one who assist us to make the company in whole, our existing employees would be perfect examples of the ones that have grown and made us grow as well, In short, if you will enjoy working with us as we are all a humble and hungry to work as one large family towards achieving a common goal of superiority.

At Cypro one can be assured of a complete homely and friendly atmosphere, the ones who wish to pursue in the field of IT can be assured that this is a perfect stepping platform. People with talent can grow along with the organization with no bounds and limits. Cypro offers attractive CTC's to the right candidate. Cypro, over the years has gained competitive staff with great knowledge and technical skills and for the person willing to learn cannot find a better place to learn.